Superstar DJ


Superstar DJ Slot Game

DJs are an interesting breed, often being hailed as superstars, but rarely being known to the public beyond the music they play. The Superstar DJ slot game, created by IGT Games, is an effort to recreate the life of a DJ star, done in the form of great artwork and exceptional animation. Strangely enough, however, the music is perhaps the weakest part of the game, which is extremely unusual given that the game is based around creating music.

The fact that the music is very obviously synthetic and bland cannot be overlooked, however, and one really has to ask how that decision was made. But this does not stop the game from being a great deal of fun. The rest of Superstar DJ has certainly had a lot of effort put into it, and there is entertainment to be had in spades. A five reel, nine play system is used, with lines manually adjustable via the interface at the bottom of the play area. This provides a strategic level, and adds to the already great use of mini-games utilised by the developers. Superstar DJ can be played now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbols And Payout Values

Superstar DJ has an excellent selection of artwork, with stylised characters that fit with the theme perfectly. The most valuable symbol, in terms of standard payouts, is the dancer with the cap and green shirt. He will payout an exceptional amount if matched the total of five times, and a slightly more modest amount if matched five times.

The next most valuable symbol are the two sexy lady dancers, who seem to be treating the dance floor as an opportunity to wear as little clothing as possible.

They are followed by the angel dressed lady, and the female DJ. The least valuable symbols are the standard jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. To really get the most out of the Superstar DJ slot game, however, one must make use of the slots bonus features, where the most cash can be won.

DJ Mini-Games

In DJ Superstar the mini-games are where the best time can be had. The first is the DJ character himself, wearing his sunglasses and enormous toothy smile. Is matching this symbol at least three times, a second screen will open, showing the DJ standing before a dance floor. The player will be prompted to select the next track, seen beside the DJ on the right.

Using the interface, the player must select the next track and play it by pressing the play button. The DJ will put on the selected track and the dancers will respond. Notice the great animation used in this sequence. Once the track has played a payout will be made, depending on how much the dancers enjoyed it. A new track may be selected, until the player hits a dud and the sequence ends. There is, of course, no better or worse track, and it is all just a matter of luck. The game is presented exceptionally well, however, and the developers deserve credit.