The Superman Online Slot Game

Virtually every country on earth knows who Superman is, which is a remarkable achievement, given that the character was first created as a propaganda symbol for World War 2. Whatever his origins were, however, Superman has become a symbol of justice for the entire world, and he is ranked as the most recognisable face in the comic world.

Multiple movies have been made staring the red and blue hero, as well as video games, duvet covers, lunch boxes, and a slot game. The Superman slot game, created by IGT Games, is recognised as one of the best superhero themed games currently available. It has incredibly good artwork, all of which is on par with any comic book, and probably even better then many comic books.

The music is also suitably epic, and animation quality outstanding. This all goes to say, of course, that Superman is a slot game experience every slot game fan is certain to find entertaining. In terms of game play the game uses a five reel, fifty betting line system. Note, however, that the game does not allow the player to adjust betting lines, which is a touch disappointing.


Symbols And Payouts

It has already been said that the Superman slot game has amazing graphics. Lets take a closer look at the symbols designs and their values. Superman himself is, of course, the most valuable symbol in the game, sure to have players cheering every time he makes an entrance. The caped hero pays out a huge amount if matched with himself five times, plus he also acts as a wild symbol.

Next on the list in terms of value is Lex Luther, strangely enough, Superman’s number one enemy. Meaning that Lois Lane gets only the number two spot, the poor girl. Next is the Daily Planet logo where Superman and Lois work, followed by Superman carrying a bus, a pair of scary red eyes, and the glasses worn by Superman as his disguise.

The traditional playing card numbers do not make an appearance, which is a welcome decision by the developers and a sign that they put maximum effort into the symbol designs.

Super Bonuses

Superman has already been mentioned as the wild symbol, and note that he will animate spectacularly upon being matched, shooting up across the play area like a speeding bullet towards the moon.

The other bonus symbols appear as the Superman logo, the framed S, and are equally as valuable. At this point, however, notice the bonus bet button located at the bottom right of the play area. If pressing this button all payouts will be larger, but that spin will require a bigger upfront bet. Note that once the bonus bet button is pushed, it must be pushed again to deactivate. The bonus symbols, however, require that the super bet button be pressed in order for the symbols to match and grant a payout.

If the bonus bet button is activated, and the Superman symbols match three times, the payout will be a staggering one hundred times the initial bet. This gob smacking amount will make any player feel a bit like flying to the moon.