Cozy Game Developers

By their own definition, Cozy are game development organisation, delivering a product suite of well over a hundred games. Cozy’s games suite includes bingo, various table games, classic as well as video slots, scratch cards and progressive jackpots. They have decided that their niche in the market will be to focus on mobile gaming, and use their expertise to innovate in this sphere and provide their clients with an individualised and specific solution for their market.

Cozy Gaming have established themselves as bingo experts and have one of the most valued bingo systems in the UK market today. Cozy Gaming power the Live Bingo Network. More than ten bingo rooms provide a robust, user friendly network that is very popular with players looking for more bingo play for their money. The hundred odd slots games fully complement the bingo network and hangouts. Cozy Gaming also offer a healthy bonus player reward system which is renowned for giving players a properly good chance to win rather consistently.

Corporate Details

Cozy Gaming are an Indian concern, with more than 250 employees on their books. In 2015 they launched several new bingo variants, and thoroughly consolidated their market share. The company has been placing greater emphasis on supersized jackpot games and partnering with some of the giants in the field such as Microgaming and Playtech to offer slots via Quick Fire games.

The Cozy Specialities

The contribution Cozy Gaming makes to the field is in the mobile development field, enabling players to play recognised brand games on the go, wherever they are. Most people these days are quite comfortable with casino play on their mobile devices, be it a tablet or smart phone. There are certainly many different games possible on these mobile devices. Thanks to game developers like Cozy Gaming and modern technology the variety of the games that the mobile world has to offer is highly impressive, and attractive to the many players. They have excellent, realistic graphics, appealing colour combinations, and interactive game play.

Features and Bonuses

Cozy sites provide the additional feature of the ‘Bonus Calculator’. This allows players to enter the amount of funds they want to deposit and see the level of bonus available that day. Welcome bonus programs are Cozy casino sites’ speciality. Players will regularly find bonus offers of 500% on the first deposit and 350% on a second deposit and a final 300% on a third deposit. There are more bonuses, some of them completely random, available in chat and on special promotions.

Now, as discussed, Cozy Gaming has the intention of providing major innovation in the mobile market. They aim to be able to offer all brands direct mobile access to their players on the go. This would mean players could indulge in an extraordinary selection of slots and casino games on their mobile device. The games are compatible with most platforms popularly available, such as iPhone, iPad, Nokia, Android and BlackBerry.

On a monthly basis, players in the Cozy network are extended an invitation to a series of themed event promotions. These may include promotional themes and games, chat games, special bingo rooms and huge deposit bonuses. Certainly, Cosy Gaming is good at keeping things interesting.


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