Glam Life
Glam Life

The Glam Life Presents a Picture of Luxury and Wealth

In Glam Life 3D video slots game, players will get to know all aspects of the glamorous life, filled with incredible wealth and sophistication. Every spin will increase the idea of luxury and wealth, and the player will see all the trappings of a life of riches. The symbols are represented by yachts, champagne, cell phones, watches and diamond rings. There are also fast cars, and expensive perfume bottles, in fact every aspect of an extravagant lifestyle.

This is a new game from Betsoft’s 3D collection, with the typical five reels and twenty five pay lines. This will give the player many options for connecting with the objects of the Glam Life, and winning big. The bonuses of the Glam Life supply almost as many luxuries as anyone could want. If five yacht symbols are seen, the player will hit the jackpot. If the player finds at least three of the mansion symbols appearing on an active pay line, there will be a bonus awarded. The player can also select three of the cities that appear on a map, and attend an event in each. Each destination will present the player with more credits.

Great Payouts Offered

The Glam Life also offers the option of a free cash starter. The bigger the items of luxury are, the bigger will be the payout. The yacht awards the biggest payout of all. With the appearance of the yacht, the player can earn up to 5000 credits. If the player hits five yachts on a single pay line the reward can even be over 12 000, if the play is for maximum coins. This is the major jackpot of the game, but can be won only if the maximum bet is played.

The object of the Glam Life is to match the symbols across the pay lines in order to win a payout. This can be done in a variety of ways. There are diagonal options, and there are side to side options. This means there are many opportunities to connect with those cell phones or champagne bottles to win prizes just as glamorous. Bonuses are offered when three or more jets appear on a pay line, as well as the three or more mansions.

The player will also get a bonus for three or more necklaces or three or more perfume bottles, and there are beautiful jewellery boxes that can be opened to find more credits inside. There are an incredible number of bonuses that can be won, and this is one of the reasons this game has a lasting appeal to slots fans.

The Glam Life also features Betsoft’s mid pay line payouts, where the player can win a prize for three or four consecutive symbols on an active pay line, even if the first symbol is not on the extreme left.

Glam Life Appeals To Players Trying Out Slots Games

Overall, the Glam Life is a fairly simple and easy game to play, and will generally appeal to players who just want a chance of a spin and possible win without trying to keep up with a challenging game. This game is also perfect for the player who wants to try out free slots games. It draws in the younger adults, specially the ladies, as the glamorous air of the game is appealing. Also the attractive graphics and music help to make this game something special.

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